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Captain Crime's Log of Evil

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14th January 2009

5:33pm: Ricardo Montalban dies at 88

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13th January 2009

1:05pm: magnum 3.14
Go Cardinals. Go Ravens.

Already in 2009, I have a Vegas trip lined up at the end of February and also have job searching lined up as well. By the end of June, my facility will be shut down and I will have to be somewhere else by then which is great because I just bought this house not even 6 months ago.

In geek news, the Watchmen comes out in less than two months, followed by the Wolverine prequel, and the sixth Harry Potter. Those movies and few others head up a rather unspectacular year to come in movies.

I'm tired of it being cold, not tired of snow though, not yet.

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11th September 2008

4:58pm: I move into the house next Friday. This is one of the few things in life that I've really been excited about.

Next Sunday I'm going to Smackdown with Russ and then the following Saturday, the 27th, we'll be going to see Minnesota/OSU game right behind the endzone.

Go Trojans!

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12th August 2008

6:17pm: buffalo blasts
I finally ate at a Cheesecake Factory. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

This house buying thing is expensive.

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23rd April 2008

4:48pm: $3.57 for gas is terrible, just terrible.

Work is still work, wedding plans are going well, and um, that's about it. I'll be trying for a Margarita Monday this coming week if anyone is interested.

Places that serve Woodchuck:
The Boneyard - Cleveland
The Tin Duck - Marion

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31st December 2007

11:09am: 2007
In 2007, I started on the job for DYS. I went from really liking it to really hating it to just not caring right now. In 2007, I also started the Texas Tea Thursday routine with my friends which gave me something to look forward to every other weekend for me and I met the greatest bartender in the world. I experienced the joy of Easton and Polaris for the first time. I bought an XBox 360 and played on that for hours and it just recently broke. My holidays were ok, the best part being that I asked Mary to marry me and she said yes. Right now it's playoff time and my prediction is the New England Patriots over the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl and for LSU to absolutely crush O' State on the college side of things. On my agenda for 2008 is to pay off all my debt except for my major school loan and smaller things like buying a new computer.
Current Mood: bored

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20th December 2007

11:37pm: base-skull
Happy Birthday Lincoln!

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19th October 2007

12:44pm: Karl Urban as McCoy? Nope, I can't see it.

37 days until my year is in at work. Yay.

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13th October 2007

10:49am: Halo 3 and the search for a new job. That's all that's going on in life.

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26th July 2007

12:23pm: I hit a groundhog this morning and I feel bad about it.

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8th April 2007

11:12pm: New York, New York
What has happened to VH1? A reality show spin-off of another reality show and both are just incredibly stupid. What kind of a world are we living in when a nobody that got rejected by a reject Flava Flav has her own show that's on air 24/7? I miss Behind The Music.

I have DVR now and I must say it's the best thing ever.

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6th March 2007

3:41pm: You have great New York boobs...
I think I might be shopping for a new vehicle sometime soon.

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19th January 2007

7:29pm: Life in Marion isn't so bad. The job so far isn't too bad. Besides the usual lots of bills I have; life is good. Mary and I celebrate our one year tomorrow. Go Saints. Go Patriots.

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9th January 2007

2:06am: Hopefully this will humble some of the extreme and unrivaled arrogance of Buckeye fans.
Current Mood: cheerful

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20th December 2006

4:37pm: ah you're old! ah you're old!
Happy Birthday Lincoln!

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25th October 2006

3:11pm: new places, new faces
An update on my last update. I will be employed at the Marion DYS by the end of this year.

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24th October 2006

10:02pm: Television is terrible these days. I once could watch VH1 for a day straight and not be bored or turned off by it, now I watch music videos at night or in the morning and that's all I can stand. Reality television is so terrible that it may not even be a fad which is sad.

go tigers.

go wolverines.

I have to go to Delaware tomorrow for some tests for a possible job.

It's cold.

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21st August 2006

4:04pm: one big paragraph
Since my last entry a long long time ago I have graduated from OU(Z). They have yet to send me my degree though. I've just been working since then pretty much. I went down to Virginia Beach to pick up Frank after his time in the Navy was up and he has been crashing here with me ever since. I went to a Braves/Reds game and I have been to a couple of weddings this summer. Other than that, not much going on with me. My spare time I spend playing NCAA football 07 and World of Warcraft. I am 22 this coming Saturday, a day where I will work. My next big thing is going to a race in Martinsville in October with some coworkers and others. Mary and I have been together officially for 7 months now, well actually yesterday. I guess that is all I have. Oh yeah, Colts over Cowboys in the Bowl this year.

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25th May 2006

10:53pm: I watched the Da Vinci Code today. I just now read the book this past week before I saw the movie. I thought the movie sucked in comparison to the book, still a decent movie though. I think people who have not read the book will enjoy the movie better than I did. Of course, I was not too impressed with the book. It was good, but is it as awesomely great as the world says it is? Nah.

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3rd May 2006

4:05pm: snarf, lionel
I don't update too often so I will do so now.

On Monday, I went to Raw with Slim, Josh, and Russ in Columbus. That was fun as usual.

At the end of June I will be going to Miami with Russ, Frank, and Rod. It will be my first vacation in several years and much needed because...

...I have tons of crap to do for school right now and I do not want to do it. I have always been a lazy student though so thankfully it will all be over in June.

When I finally complete all the crap that needs completed I will read the Da Vinci Code so I will have a basis for comparison when I see the movie.

Go Bulls. Go Lebron. Go Kobe. I root for the bad guys.
Current Mood: cranky

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1st March 2006

8:10am: Also, I still read everyone's journal even though I don't comment as much as I should.

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27th February 2006

9:15pm: Close, but no. How is that close?
Well less than a week after my surgery my mom had a heart attack so she was in the hospital for a couple of weeks. She had open heart surgery and all that and that went pretty well. She's home now and doing much better.

I'm moving to day shift at work so no more midnights, yay.

School sucks. June can't get here any sooner. Miami here we come.

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23rd January 2006

6:20pm: I no longer have a gall bladder. Hopefully after the pain goes away I will be in a bit better health.

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16th January 2006

9:43am: question air. ha.
1. Do you vote?
2. If so, why?
3. If no, why not?
4. Why should you or anyone else vote?
5. Why should you or anyone else not vote?

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3rd January 2006

3:55pm: game, blouses
This rain crap is depressing. I don't mind rain in anytime of the year, but winter. Damn it, I want snow.

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