Whitey (whitedog) wrote,

one big paragraph

Since my last entry a long long time ago I have graduated from OU(Z). They have yet to send me my degree though. I've just been working since then pretty much. I went down to Virginia Beach to pick up Frank after his time in the Navy was up and he has been crashing here with me ever since. I went to a Braves/Reds game and I have been to a couple of weddings this summer. Other than that, not much going on with me. My spare time I spend playing NCAA football 07 and World of Warcraft. I am 22 this coming Saturday, a day where I will work. My next big thing is going to a race in Martinsville in October with some coworkers and others. Mary and I have been together officially for 7 months now, well actually yesterday. I guess that is all I have. Oh yeah, Colts over Cowboys in the Bowl this year.
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