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In 2007, I started on the job for DYS. I went from really liking it to really hating it to just not caring right now. In 2007, I also started the Texas Tea Thursday routine with my friends which gave me something to look forward to every other weekend for me and I met the greatest bartender in the world. I experienced the joy of Easton and Polaris for the first time. I bought an XBox 360 and played on that for hours and it just recently broke. My holidays were ok, the best part being that I asked Mary to marry me and she said yes. Right now it's playoff time and my prediction is the New England Patriots over the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl and for LSU to absolutely crush O' State on the college side of things. On my agenda for 2008 is to pay off all my debt except for my major school loan and smaller things like buying a new computer.
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